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              二維碼 掃碼下載APP



              Founded in 2010, Beijing MojiFengYun Technology Co., Ltd. is a weather service platform that provides comprehensive weather services and solutions mainly for consumers, as well as businesses and governments.


              The main product developed and operated by the company - "MoJi Weather" is a global weather service platform. With the vision of "becoming the world's leading weather service company" and the mission of "connecting weather and life with technology", MoJi Weather supports life-related weather queries in about 199 countries and over 200,000 cities and regions. The platform is based on leading technology, rich meteorological and user data, and provides precise geo-locational weather services. To date, MoJi Weather boasts over 700 million users and counts over 600 million weather queries per day.


              According to the China Weather Application Market Monitoring Report issued by Analysys in 2017, MoJi Weather covered 69.1% of the active users of weather applications in China.

              墨跡天氣深度挖掘天氣數據和7 億用戶的眾包數據,將傳統數據模式系統+深度機器學習相結合,建立氣象研究院以及超千萬的氣象投入,提升墨跡天氣氣象能力。

              MoJi Weather innovatively develops the weather and crowdsourcing data of 700 million users, and combines traditional data mode systems with deep machine learning to establish meteorological research institutes using over 10 million meteorological inputs to enhance its meteorological capabilities.


              ? In 2012, MoJi Weather built a real-time landscape community, a shared and interactive platform providing users with meteorological information.

              ? In 2015, MoJi Weather developed short-term forecasting products in combination with artificial intelligence and traditional meteorological technology.

              ? In 2016, MoJi Weather rolled out the "Weather+" concept, and provided more life- and scenario-oriented services for users, using big meteorological data and weather as a starting point.

              ? At the end of 2016, MoJiChiBi, a commercial weather service brand under MoJiFengYun, was established, and began to deploy enterprise-level meteorological services and comprehensively developed the commercial weather business.

              ? As of September 2019, Moji Weather has won the meteorological service orders of most domestic take-away industries,and entered the aviation meteorological service field.


              MSince its establishment, MoJiChiBi has been exploring meteorological data, consultation and service, and providing more solutions for the B side business and governments. So far, MoJiChiBi's solutions in the enterprise sector have covered more than 20 industries including sports, agriculture, health, transportation, aviation, logistics, electric power, retail, insurance, automotive, smart homes and so on.


              MoJiFengYun's core value is dedication to customers' success, pursuit of excellence and innovation, honesty and integrity, teamwork cooperation, optimism and matter-of-fact attitude. Their hope is to substitute meteorological data into various scene services by continuously exploring the relationship between human and the environment, and provide better customized weather services for consumers, businesses and government agencies through combining with the Internet and the future smart industry, so as to reduce the impact and economic costs caused by weather.




              公司地址:北京市朝陽區來廣營東路融新科技中心C座15層 聯系電話:010-84798388

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